“I believe that change is driven by process, consistent and continuous action, not a single or short-term shot of energy. This is the principle I follow in my work as a coach. ”

Who is Raimo Ülavere?

I am a certified coach and lecturer who helps successful people to make positive changes in their behaviour and actions, which are persistent and recognised by others.

My methods

In personal coaching with leaders as well as in team coaching programs, I use the methodology of Stakeholder Centered Coaching by Marshall Goldsmith, the No. 1 coach of leaders in the world, which has a 95% probability of success. In addition, I have completed the Systemic Team Coaching Certificate course at the Academy of Executive Coaching, one of Britain’s most prestigious training organisations for coaching.

With athletes, I use various methodologies from sports psychology and coaching, the primary goal of which is to help the athlete achieve better results. Among other things, I have completed sports psychology courses at the Barca Innovation Hub and University of Edinburgh.


I have been coaching and giving lectures since the winter of 2008, working with thousands of people. More than 150 of them have been participants of the coaching program for leaders, in addition to dozens of teams and athletes.

I’m glad you’ve found your way to coaching. If you want clarity on whether it is something for you, feel free to contact me and I will give you my advice.
If you need more information, contact me and check out my coaching programs for leaders, teams or for athletes.

Looking forward to meeting you!