For Leader

For leaders who work in situations of great responsibility and/or under pressure on a daily basis.

For Leader


Program 1

Leadership skills

  • Measurable and visible results
  • For top level leaders and executive managers
  • Focuses on changes in behavior and habits
  • Based on the feedback of colleagues/employees
  • Uses the licensed methodology of Marshall Goldsmith, No. 1 coach of leaders

Duration: 6-12 months

The program fee is directly related to the success of the change. 50-100% of the fee is paid only if the change is visible and perceptible by others.

""Raimo is fluent in the art of simplifying complex topics and situations. In doing this, he skillfully uses sports psychology, draws parallels from the world of sports, and makes complex situations easier to understand using great comparisons.""

Kaarel Suuk

The head of Ensto Eesti

Program 2

Growth = stress + rest

  • Measurable results
  • For leaders whose work is strongly related to high levels of stress and pressure
  • Focuses on creating an effective and balanced rhythm of work and personal life for the leader, which is a premise for a top level performance
  • Tools and methodologies from leadership and sports psychology

Duration: 3 months

The program fee is related to the success of the change. 50% of the fee is paid only if the result is positive.

""I really liked that the program allowed us to find interesting and different approaches to hacking our culture and communication. I had never thought that there are fun and more creative ways to achieve your goals. To achieve your goals and greatness, there is no need to do "only hard work and just push yourself ", the results can be achieved in a different way also. It changed the way I think and my approach. I truly enjoyed it.""

Marie Evart

The head and founder of Brandem

Coaching for people operating under pressure

Raimo Ülavere Coaching is especially suitable for people who work in situations of great responsibility and/or under tension on a daily basis and whose effects of their habits, emotions and beliefs on their own or the team’s results are clearly visible and perceptible.

  • Coaching is always goal oriented
  • Coaching is related to gains
  • Coaching is aimed at changing behavioral patterns
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6-12 months long coaching programs for leaders

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