For Athlete

For athletes who have already achieved success and want to gain an advantage by rising to the next level through training their mental abilities.

For Athlete


Premise and the foundation

  • Athlete’s identity, or being a top athlete
  • Beliefs about oneself and one’s abilities
  • Dealing with other people, different situations and “life”
  • Efficient self-direction
  • The basic needed level of self-confidence, also thought as driving self-esteem
  • Rest, recovery and relaxation

Training abilities

  • Taming and controlling emotions and the monkey brain
  • Visualisation techniques
  • Goal oriented and targeted training
  • Evidence-based positive internal speech training
  • Training of effort, resilience, enduring competition suffering and pushing oneself
  • Concentration and focus training

Maximum realisation of abilities

  • Goal setting
  • Holding focus
  • Dealing with setbacks
  • Dealing with stress and pressure
  • Building a competition-specific plan
  • Turning anxiety into excitement

Program 1

International level top athlete

  • Measurable and visible results
  • Top athletes with focus on competing on an international level

Duration: 3+ months. Personal adjustments depending on need and agreements.

The program fee depends on the success of the program, the length of the program, the athlete’s capabilities and more. In short, just as every athlete is special and different, so are the programs and the fees.

""After starting working with Raimo, I am much better at managing stress and difficulties, which are inevitable parts of the life of a professional athlete, training process and competitions. I am getting better and better at managing and understanding my emotions and being able to control them more efficiently. Another important aspect that I have gained, is my ability to focus not as much on the results but on the process itself.""

Janika Lõiv

Estonian Champion in Olympic cross, Top 10 cyclist in the world

Program 2

Local level podium aspirant

  • Measurable results
  • A strong enthusiast, whose focus is top podium in their own age group on a local level.

Duration: 3-6 months, depending on the competition season and personal goals.

Program fee depends on the success of the program, the amount of work done and the athlete’s ambitions. Fee starting from 130 euros + tax per month.

""From a physiological and biochemical point of view, our body is unable to make a very specific distinction between mental (stress, work and competition stress) and physical strain (exercise). Therefore, to achieve high performance abilities, it is necessary to train both - the body and the mind.""

Karmen Reinpõld

Triathlon and cycling coach, Estonian Mountain Bike National Team, Estonian Biathlon Team

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