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Coach Raimo Ülavere gives tools and framework to make positive change in beliefs and behaviours for those who work under pressure

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13+ years of experiences, 170+ managers, dosens of teams and athletes

"After starting working with Raimo, I am much better at managing stress and difficulties, which are inevitable parts of the life of a professional athlete, training process and competitions. I am getting better and better at managing and understanding my emotions and being able to control them more efficiently. Another important aspect that I have gained, is my ability to focus not as much on the results but on the process itself."

Janika Lõiv

Estonian Champion in Olympic cross, Top 10 cyclist in the world

Participating in Athlete coaching program

What will coaching give you?

Habits that stick

The aim of coaching is to permanently and positively change a person's behavioral patterns - first and foremost we are what we do.

Results that exceed expectations

Focusing on important topics and goals through coaching brings results that we sometimes do not even dare to dream of.

Relationships that create happiness

The increase in self-awareness that comes with coaching is the foundation for better relationships, which have the greatest impact on our well-being and happiness as human beings.

From those who have participated in coaching

Coaching for people operating under pressure

Raimo Ülavere Coaching is especially suitable for people who work in situations of great responsibility and/or under tension on a daily basis and whose effects of their habits, emotions and beliefs on their own or the team’s results are clearly visible and perceptible.

  • Coaching is always goal oriented
  • Coaching is related to gains
  • Coaching is aimed at changing behavioral patterns
I am interested
6-12 months long coaching programs for leaders

To whom coaching programmes are useful


… who believe in being able to achieve more and want to become even more successful.

Coaching programs for leaders


… who face ambitious challenges and who want to do great things together.

Coaching programs for teams


… who want to rise to a new level and gain an advantage by training their mental strength.

Coaching programs for athletes

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